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Improves fuel efficiency by increasing torque which allows less gear changes. This results in improved fuel consumption and MPG.

N.B this is only available to Turbo Diesel cars.

Stage 1

Increase power, torque & fuel efficiency. By removing acceleration flat spots you will get a more responsive drive.

Stage 2

Larger increase in power & torque.

Hardware upgrades are often required prior to a stage 2 remap. Call K9 Tuning to discuss your requirements.

Stage 3

Will need numerous hardware additions and a bespoke remap carried out on a rolling road.

Please call K9 Tuning for more information.

Advanced Options

  • EGR removal
  • Swirl flap removal
  • Speed limiter removal
  • Pops & bangs
  • Rev limit adjustment
  • Lambda delete
  • Fault code delete
  • Start/Stop delete
  • MAF delete
  • Launch control

Please call K9 Tuning for further information.

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